Bridal bouquet: a small floral masterpiece or 10 reasons to contact a florist

The bride’s bouquet is that beautiful note, without which a romantic symphony of a wedding celebration is inconceivable. The graceful floral arrangement not only complements the image of its mistress, but is also a tribute to an ancient tradition. According to legends, an unmarried girl who has caught a bridal bouquet will soon find family happiness. Needless to say, how responsibly you need to approach the choice of this wedding accessory!

If you are not sure that you can create a wonderful bouquet yourself, contact the professionals. Florists will develop the design of the composition, pick flowers and accompanying decorations. In a word, they will help you determine both the shape and the content of the bouquet. And then you will surely have a small floral masterpiece in your hands.

Harmony and style

It is good when flowers not only harmonize with the appearance of the bride, but also complement her image. The florist should represent this image as clearly as possible. If you have photos of a dress and accessories with you, and at least a sketch of a hairstyle — great! And at the same time, tell the master about what kind of makeup you are going to use.

As a rule, the florist takes into account the natural characteristics of the bride herself — in particular, height, eye and hair color. So, blondes are better suited to gentle light tones, but brunettes are bright and saturated, up to red and blue. The universal color for a bouquet, of course, is white.

Don’t forget about your significant other. The flower language stipulates that the bride’s bouquet must match the boutonniere of her betrothed. A good florist, before creating a composition, will certainly take into account the appearance of the groom. After all, a wedding is a celebration for two. And all wedding attributes should emphasize this.

Freshness and durability

Alas, flowers are very delicate creatures. Once plucked, they do not retain their appearance for long if they are not properly cared for. Professional salons know how to prolong youthfulness of flowers. And the main thing is how to preserve their freshness in an already formed bouquet. After all, the bride’s flowers must remain flawless throughout the entire celebration!

If possible, order the bouquet so that it is made in the morning — on the eve of the wedding ceremony. It is great if the salon has its own greenhouse. This will guarantee that you will get the freshest flowers that can maintain their natural beauty for a long time.

The bouquet holder will help to preserve freshness of flowers, which in a good salon will certainly offer you as an addition to flowers. The bouquette holder is designed so that the plant stems are in a special wet sponge — they don’t even need to be put in water! In fact, it is a miniature vase with a long handle. The bride can freely wear her flowers in the bouquets, and they will not fade for a long time.

Exclusive and creativity

The wedding bouquet is designed to emphasize the individuality of the bride, which means that it must be unique. Agree: a standard bouquet looks too «on duty». As if you were preparing your own wedding in a hurry and bought flowers in the first stall you came across.

Another thing is a bouquet made by a master to order. A professional florist will not only pick up your favorite flowers, but also arrange them, indulging all your tastes. Even ordinary lilies of the valley and cornflowers in skillful hands will sparkle with all their colors. What if you want something exotic? No problem! You will be offered orchids, gloriosa, eucharis, calla lilies and dozens of other flowers.

The framing for the bouquet can be ribbons and bows, beads and feathers, rhinestones and gold metal threads. They are often supplemented with images of cupids, hearts or monograms of young ones. There are practically no limits for imagination here. Often in salons, a bouquet is made out in the presence of the customer. We can say that it turns out something like joint creativity. And this is a fascinating sight — after all, a work of art is being born before your eyes.

Important nuances

When decorating a wedding bouquet, a professional will always advise you on how to avoid mistakes when choosing flowers. For example, you should not include buds with a strong smell in a bouquet — they can cause headache not only for the bride, but also for others.

Also consider the likelihood of allergic reactions. Some flowers are quite strong allergens for people susceptible to pollen. Among these plants are tulips, asters, marigolds and a rose. Let the bride have tears in her eyes from happiness, not from pollen!

The bouquet is shaped to be light and compact. The bride has to carry it with her a lot, so in no case should it cause discomfort and fatigue. Don’t forget about safety. The protruding sharp details of the jewelry can injure one of the unmarried girlfriends who will catch flowers from the bride’s hands during the famous ceremony.

By the way, sometimes florists recommend buying a backup bouquet for throwing flowers to girlfriends. This will allow you to please «both yourself and people.» The girlfriend will be pleased that she caught the bouquet and took it with her.