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What bouquet to give a girl for Valentine's Day 2023

What bouquet to give a girl for Valentine's Day 2023

Such a holiday can not do without bouquets of flowers for loved ones. A bouquet of flowers can show an attitude towards the second half, however, it is necessary to choose the flowers for the bouquet carefully. It doesn't matter whether they are cut flowers or flowers in a pot, it is important that your lover likes them.

What bouquets do girls in Belarus choose?

If your relationship with a girl is just getting better, then picking up a bouquet is very difficult. The biggest problem is that a man does not know the preferences of his chosen one. That is why they rely on generally accepted norms:

  1. peonies. In Japan, they symbolize youth and love.
  2. A symbol of purity and modesty are pink or white asters.
  3. A symbol of sympathy, strong affection are red tulips.
  4. An indicator of devotion and love are roses.

Number of plants to be in the bouquet

For Valentine's Day this year, there are no strict rules regarding the number of flowers. The main requirement is that the number be odd. Even a relatively small composition will look good. If you want to get a composition that your loved one would remember forever, then it is better to contact a florist. Professionals in their field will make any composition memorable.

If they give one flower, then this means attention. Three flowers are given as a sign of respect. If there are five flowers in a bouquet , then this is a symbol of strong feelings for a woman, seven flowers indicate that a man loves a woman. The composition of 11, 15, or 19 colors speaks of the most serious intentions. True, 13 flowers are given very rarely. In the event that you give flowers in pots, then the number of buds is not critical. A plant in a pot is perceived as one. A woman will gratefully accept such a gift.

The cut of the plant is of great importance, it must be dense and clean, that is, fresh. As for the bud, it should be at least half open. The leaves or vegetative part of the plant should not have spots, there should be no signs of decay. A plant in pots should have a developed root system.