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VIP bouquets are elite, luxurious and exclusive flower arrangements created for special occasions and people with exquisite taste. These bouquets are distinguished by high quality and uniqueness, as well as a carefully thought out combination of colors, shapes and sizes.

VIP bouquets usually consist of rare and exotic flowers such as orchids, roses, lilies, callas and many others. Florists use only fresh and high-quality flowers that can retain their beauty and aroma for a long time.

The design of VIP bouquets can be made in different styles - from classic compositions decorated with ribbons and decorative elements, to modern minimalist bouquets with unusual packaging.

These bouquets are ideal for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, or to express gratitude or respect.

When ordering a VIP bouquet, you can be sure of its uniqueness and quality.



Bouquet Princess

VIP Bouquet Princess Pre-order 1-2 days in advanc..

175.00 €



Large bouquet of 101 roses

A large bouquet of 101 roses is always a welcome g..

189.00 €

240.00 €

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